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Agile Customer Analytics Overview
Quadstone Difference
Examples of rapid pioneering

The Quadstone Difference

Quadstone customers have found that the key is to enable the business owners to work in a more interactive and iterative way with the analysts who have access to the data. This way new discoveries and decisions can be made quickly, fusing the power of business knowledge with specialist skills in manipulating and modeling customer data.

Over 40 blue-chip consumer businesses in financial services and telecoms have already benefitted from the unique strength of Quadstone's software – it presents customer data visually so that business people and analysts can share the discovery and decision-making process. It's a more effective working environment that links the views of customer data and predictions that business people can understand with the flexibility and productivity that analysts need.

Quadstone customers have achieved 3-6 month ROIs by exploring and exploiting these frontier challenges quickly and effectively in embracing a more collaborative approach through formal and informal joint sessions with the Quadstone analyst user. This fast cycle of exploration, decision, testing and measuring helps companies hit more windows of opportunity before the key findings and models developed with Quadstone can be transitioned to the business-as-usual domain and the traditional analytics infrastructure.

We believe that data-rich businesses want to realize the true value of customer data for all the decisions they make about customers. The way to achieve this is to establish Quadstone rapid pioneering as a systematic and repeatable means of gaining advantage in new competitive opportunities.

Most real decision-makers are exception driven, but traditional reporting and statistical modeling software isn't focused on enabling people to explore those exceptions and address them quickly. Quadstone has integrated data discovery with modeling in an environment that is fast and very visual - it's inherently suited to the job of handling exceptions because analysts and decision-makers can engage with one-another in this process face-to-face, there and then.
Andrew Braunberg
Senior Analyst,
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