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Customer Satisfaction Analysis
Our Approach to Satisfaction Analysis
Understanding Satisfaction in Telecoms
Understanding Satisfaction in Financial Services
Satisfaction vs. Dissatisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Analysis — A New Diagnostic

Customer satisfaction is a proven driver of share price and customer lifetime value. But while methods for measuring satisfaction have grown sophisticated, approaches to diagnosing root causes of dissatisfaction are today mostly simplistic.

An X-ray machine for satisfaction

Surveys reveal vital information about customers' perceptions of the company and its quality of service. But to make improvements, it is also necessary to know the precise circumstances that gave rise to those levels of satisfaction.

Root causes can only be determined by analyzing individual survey responses together with operational data about the service delivered to those same customers. This is because the operational data reveals the circumstances that led to the stated levels of satisfaction. Trying to understand satisfaction without knowing these circumstances is like trying to diagnose a broken bone without an X-ray. Just as the X-ray reveals which of the possible causes is in fact responsible for the visible outcome (pain, swelling), the operational data gives us insight into what is actually causing a particular customer's dissatisfaction.

Quadstone is pioneering this new approach with leading telecommunications companies and financial institutions, utilizing our groundbreaking software for collaborative visual and predictive analysis. Our approach also allows companies to overcome other obstacles to understanding true satisfaction, including the frequent disconnect between stated and actual satisfaction, and the availability of satisfaction surveys for only a subset of customers. The result is a better, more cost-effective way of improving satisfaction and reducing service costs.

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