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Quadstone Difference
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The Quadstone Difference

  1. Customer Analysis Focus: With almost all customers Quadstone is used in a mode that is complementary to the existing 'business as usual' reporting or statistical tools, which typically already exist within the business. Quadstone is implemented to provide a more agile environment for customer analysis and marketing challenges
  2. Business Collaboration: Quadstone offers the only environment that packages together views of customer data and predictions that business people can understand, with the flexibility and productivity that analysts need
  3. Speed: Quadstone is all about speed to results. It is fast to get data, fast to process analytical requests, fast to produce models, and most importantly fast to get results out to market.
  4. Uplift Analysis: Unique to Quadstone - algorithms for building models that maximize the uplift created between test and control groups - predicting uplift and providing targeting to maximize uplift rather than just response.
Quadstone Traditional approaches
Fast pioneering analytics in marketing Broad statistical and reporting suites
Fast refresh interactive application Facilitates train of thought analysis with marketing 'client' Batch operation Excellent for repeatability e.g. monthly reporting
Pre-packages data access, fast counts, models for consumer marketing Fast for each step and fast to results Programmable and component based Totally extensible and controllable
Comprehensible approach to statistical modeling Involves the business in addressing key problems Comprehensive approach to algorithms and statistics Can be applied to and get the right answer to any problem
Easy for business analysts and junior statisticians to learn More resources can help speed solution to time critical problems Big vendors with broad product range and skills market Has become the standard for providing support across many tasks
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